Trust Your Car to The Experts

Hire a crew that specializes in fixing hail damage in Wolfforth, TX

Hail storms in Wolfforth, TX can come quickly and cause more damage than most people realize. If your car sat through one recently, you'll need to find an auto shop that can expertly handle hail damage and dent repair. Luckily, HailWorxs is here for you.

You can trust us to work directly with your insurance so that our top-notch repairs don't cost you a fortune. If you can't get the car to us, we'll come to you for an inspection of the damage.

Schedule an appointment for a hail damage inspection today.

There's no mystery to our process

There's no mystery to our process

You won't have to worry about any hidden fees or procedures when you work with us. When you bring in your car for repairs, we'll...

  • Inspect the damage level of the car
  • Draw up a contract with you for repairs
  • Send the information to your insurance company
  • Perform repairs and replacements on any damaged parts
  • Wash and detail your car as a complimentary service

From start to finish, our average turnaround time for hail damage repair is around 8-14 days. You'll benefit from high-quality repairs at efficient speeds and affordable rates. Call 806-319-5330 now for a free estimate on dent repair services.